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    Bear's Bio


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    Bear's Bio

    Post  Admin on Mon Dec 22, 2008 3:40 pm

    Name: Bear
    Breed: shire unicorn
    age: 4000 but still as if he is 4
    Coat Color: a dusky black
    Mane and Tail Color: black and auburn
    Markings: strange gold colored tribal markings starting at his front legs and twining around to his neck and stomach area.
    Personality: bear si the King of the noble Celtics. bear is a peaceful, strong, courageous, and just being. he thrives on the well being of his peers and is immortal. only his sister, Mink is able to kill him and that is just what she wishes to do. bear and Mink are at constant war, so whos side will you choose?

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