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    Mink's and Tethys' bios


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    Mink's and Tethys' bios

    Post  Admin on Mon Dec 22, 2008 3:55 pm

    Name: Mink
    Breed: Arabian unicorn
    Age: 4000 but she is as physically young as a 4 year old
    Coat Color: purple-ish pink
    Mane and Tail Color: a light violet with soft pink hilights running through it
    Markings: soft pink tribal markings running up all four legs and one large one on her left shoulder. she has a glowing violet gem hanging off of her horn, ot is unbreakable and she uses its dark magic to enhance her curses and spells
    Personality: mink is the queen of the Horrid Zarani. she is truly the most evila dn spiteful creature in all of Azrai. she is a soul shifter, which means she can steal your souls and gain power from them. she can change forms and cast spells. she can curse you with horrid things or she could bless you with a magnificent power. she is sly and cunning and can kill you by saying a few words. she is immortal and the only one who can kill her is her brother ,Bear, the king of the Celtics.

    Mink can change into a Nukka. it is a small and delicate animal with hollow bones and is able to dart from place to place so fast you cannot se her movements. but no matter how fragile this form may seem it is extremely lethal, capable of bringing down huge prey such as dragons and moose even though it is the size of a small housecat.

    Mink has a Minion, her name is Tethys. she is a Minst Wraith. she is capable of engulfing you and stealing your soul. she is almost as powerful as mink and her loyalty to her is infinite. she will do anything to protect her mistress. she is immortal

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