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    Post  Sammy on Fri Jan 09, 2009 1:40 am

    When the Demon Queen captured seven unfortunate unicorns and twisted them with her dark magic into evil, perverse reflections of their former selves, not all of them turned out to be appropriate mounts for the generals of her demonic armies. The dire unicorn now called Frenzy was one of these... wherever he goes he is constantly surrounded by a blood-red mist and any who breathe this are overcome by a temporary madness. Driven by the spirit of pure violence and blood lust their eyes turn red as the mist and they turn upon their fellows and tear one another apart. Not even Shine's chaos demons were immune so Frenzy could serve no one as a mount. However, a use was found for this beast; he would be let loose amongst enemy forces where his influence would have devastating, blood-soaked consequences. Those who survive and regain their senses often lose their minds anyway, tormented by the memory of the things they saw and did when affected by the rage.

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    When the Demon Queen was driven from Tymaera and her armies collapsed, Frenzy wandered free. Compared to the other dire unicorns Frenzy was a much more peaceful creature, and despite his fearsome outward appearance retained much of his former self. In fact, he is the only one of the nine who remembers who and what he once was except for his original name (which is the key to undoing the curse upon him and all other creatures Shine transformed against their will). Unfortunately seeing the effects time and again of the horrible curse of rage and destruction that travels with him caused him to slowly lose his mind and he is now quite, quite insane.

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    hey. i really like the story but u need to ask the goddess, Nyx that is in the Moon temple boards for powers such as ur mist. that is the whole reason i put it there... lol

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