Will You Survive In A World Ravaged By War? I Guess We Will Find Out

    Jesper's Story!!!


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    Jesper's Story!!! Empty Jesper's Story!!!

    Post  Jobomba on Fri Jan 09, 2009 9:56 am

    Jesper was 1 years old when she had been asked to fight in a war. She had no experience in wars, but they felt strength in numbers! SOO she fought. She fought in a war called The Forever Goneless! (PRETEND)!!! To her surprise she won! She then loved the feeling of helping the right side win SOO she continued fighting in wars/battles. In every single won, her side had won. And for her, no scars or anything... until a battle called MoneGone! She fought the best she could, but her opponent was immortal! She got severly hurt from this battle. But nothing as severe as the scratch on her right eye. One swipe from the Immortal Lion and her eye was bleeding like crazy! It would have came out if not from the help of a fellow friend who was a doctor. (PRETEND)!!! Her friend saved her eye. Leaving only a scar; that scratch made her right eye open less than her left eye! She might be old now, but she is still like herself when she was 1, in her first battle. She has techniques that very little know about!

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