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    The Plot Of Azrai


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    The Plot Of Azrai

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    Long Long ago, in a land called Azrai, there was a unicorn colt birthed by two ordinary horses during a solar eclipse. He had strange markings so his parents knew he must have been blessed. He was Burly and Muscular so his mother and father named him Bear. He was to be the ruler of Azrai when his father passed and everyone knew he would make a fine king, for he was righteous and just. Eight months later, during a lunar eclipse, Bear's parents gave birth to another unicorn foal. But this time it was a beautiful filly.She was lanky and sleek so the parents named her Mink. She also had strange markings upon her body, so everyone assumed that she would be as kind and great as her brother. But such was not the case as all would soon find out.

    Mink was a twisted soul that was for sure. She would find small animals in the woods and torture them, laughing manically and grinning when they would screech in terror. One day she came across somthing while she was looking for critters to kill. It was a stone with tribal markings etched in its surface. Mink kicked it with her hoof lightly and the stone screeched and spoke to her in a tortured voice " i know what you wish, Mink. you want power and glory". Mink stared wide eyed at the stone but did not leave, for the stone was telling the truth. So she asked it "how? how do i get what i want?". The stone gave a cackle and whispered to her " all you must do, My Child is follow these instructions exactly and you will be unstoppable. then you release me i will be your eternal servant .But, this process will be painfull. do you agree?". Mink nodded mutely but somehow the stone had seen her motion. "then, my child" the stone hissed " gather the corpses of three small animals with no wounds upon them and many stinging nettles. then bring them back to me" mink nodded and ran to find the ingredients for the talking stone.

    Many days went by and Mink continued to collect the odd ingredients for the stone. But her herd was getting worried so they sent a herd elder to find her. when the elder came upon Mink and the stone, Mink was smashing nuts, thorns, berries and odd parts from animals on a large slate-like stone. the elder cried out in surprise and Mink turned to see who was there. When she saw the elder she growled in a feline way and bared her teeth. the stone said loud enough for the elder to hear "kill him. his blood will be enough to almost finish the curse". Mink lurched towards the elder, who was quite old and weak, and killed him by knocking him down and crushing his skull. but before Mink killed him he let out a terrible, heart stopping screech that echoed through the forest. when the screech reached the ears of the herd they took off into the forest to find what they thought would be Mink and the Elder's lifeless bodies.

    Mink dragged the body of the Elder to a huge bowl-shaped rock that would hold the ingredients for the spell that would make her immortal. she slit the elder's neck with a bite and held him over the bowl so it could catch the blood as it drained from the elderly horse's body. Mink heard multiple gasps and cries so she looked up from her action into the scared eyes of her herd. standing in the front of the herd, next to her father was her brother, Bear. Mink stopped draining the elder of his fluids and walked towards the herd until she was about five feet away from them. the stone spoke to her through her mind "do not give me away. they will destroy me and you will never have your desire" it whispered. Mink nodded internally and waited for her father to speak. after a couple minutes of astonished silence her father spoke "Mink..." he said with dissapointment oozing from his voice "Why?" he looked into her eyes, wishing there was a logical explantion for murduring the horse. Mink just looked into her fathers' eyes with an expression of boredom "i never liked him, he was an annoying old crone. so i took my chance when i had it" she said with a steady monotone.

    Bear looked at his sister with sadness in his features, he had truly loved her. but how could he after this? he looked around at the rest of the herd, seeing disgust on all of their faces. Then their father said somthing horrible "Mink, i am afraid that, with the current circumstances. You are banished from the Land of the Celtics." a single tear rolled down his face as he said this. Mink looked at her father with an expression of pure hate and rage. "fine" she spat out the word "you will be the first to die, father." she hissed in his direction and fell silent, continuing to glare at her father with such malice that it made the rest of the herd take a couple steps back. Bear and Mink's father turned to the herd and said "we must leave now" and he galloped out of the forest with the rest of the horses following, except for Bear.He continued to stand his ground, searching his sister's face for any sign of apology or remorse. finding none he gave one last look at his sister and ran in the direction of the herd.

    Mink spat on the ground that her former herd stood on only moments before. she turned to the stone and said "now what?". the stone said simply "we will go to the Beyond and finish the spell. then you will be extremely powerful and we will wage war on the horrid Celtics" Mink laughed evilly at the thought of destroying her ex-herd. she then turned to the stone and said "but that rock bowl is extremely heavy! i cannot lift it let alone carry it across miles and miles of terrain!" she looked at the bowl with distaste. the stone snickered and said "easy. since you cant pick it up, you will drag it". Mink looked at the stone with total surprise "but where will i put you?" she said with wide eyes. " oh dear, all you must do is put me in the bowl, put the flat rock that you used to smash the ingredients on the top of the bowl after you empty out the ingredients and tie some rope around the whole thing a couple of times, tie it to yourself and pull" the stone said cheerily. Mink gave an exasperated sigh and set to securing the bowl to her back.After a long while Mink and the stone were ready to go to the Beyond to finish the spell. Mink ate an apple for the road and started to pull her heavy load towards the Beyond.

    It took three days in whole. Mink had very short rest stops and ate little. But when she and the stone reached the Beyond Mink broke out in relieved tears. she loosened herself from the bowl and untied the bowl and the slate. she lifted the slate from the bowl and set it on the ground next to it with a dull thump. i took the stone out of the mix of blood, nettles, bones and other odd parts and set it on the ground. i collapsed on the turf with a huff and said to the stone "okay, what now?". "we only need one more ingredient, Mink. so do not worry." the stone said in a pityful voice. "all you must do is add three drops of your blood to the concotion and say the words: I, Mink, Dare To Utter The Words. I, Mink, Whisper The Words, Soul Shifter then the mix will start to glow. when the glow fades drink some of the liquid and you will transform into what your desire commands." the stone fell silent, waiting for Mink to follow the instuctions.

    Mink swallowed and nodded to the stone. then she bit her leg near her hoof lightly, just enough to draw blood. she held her leg over the bowl and waited until three drops of her blood fell into it. Mink retracted her leg and said in a powerful voice that even surprised her "I, Mink, Dare To Utter The Words. I, Mink, Whisper The Words, Soul Shifter " the mixture started to glow brightly and after a minute the glow subsided. Mink lowered her head until her maw almost touched the elixer. Mink took a big breath and took a long swig of the potion. all of a sudden there was an explosion and a blinding light flashed allaround her. she felt her teeth sharpen and her canines lengthen and curve slightly, coming to a delicate point where they indented her bottom lip. Mink felt her body become mature and her mane and tail become longer. she felt a new weight upon her horn and when the light faded and when Mink regained her vision she saw a glowing violet gem hanging from her newly lengthened horn. she gave a surprised gasp and said to the ston in a breathless voice "what am i?". the stone gave an amused laugh "you are a soul shifter, dear, just search your mind and you will find that you already know everything about your new body." Mink did what the stone said and smiled, the stone was right. then the stone piped up "dont forget to release me, young one" it said tolerantly.

    Mink nodded and said "what do i do?". the stone laughed "all you have to do is say 'i release you from your binds tethys' and i will be out of this stupid rock". Mink laughed and did what the stone told her. there was another bang and a flash. when mink regained her sight she saw a shadow thing and smiled "hey!" she said "you have your true body back!" she laughed "oh, and what is your name?". the ex-stone said to Mink "you may call me Tethys. and i am your eternal servant." tethys bowed and mink beamed. "but we still need to gather an army if we want to destroy the celtics" Tethys reminded her. Mink nodded "what shall we call our faction?" she asked. then the name sprang into her head, "we shall be called The Zanari" Tethys nodded and said "perfect" and they set out to find followers.

    it took a year but Mink finally gathered a total of 1000 followers who would serve as her artillery. it was not as much as Bear's but her army contained animals like Winged tigers, Winged wolves, pegusi, unicorns, horses, and many other creatures that had never before been seen by the Celtics. mink led her sizeable military into the Celtic territories in the dead of night, where they were met by Bear's own army. someone had squealed to bear about the attack but it did not slow Mink and her followers. The two sides collided with bloodshed and fury. the battle continued into the late morning. The two factions were evenly matched, Bear had the numbers but Mink had the Brawn. then, a sudden earthquake interrupted their onslaught. it was violent and sudden. it forced the two sides to retreat to their lands. Both Mink's and Bear's numbers were greatly diminished. they will have to wait a long time until they can pull a full out war again.

    Due to how long the first war lasted and since the bad blood inbetween the Zarani and the Celtics is still ongoing it has been dubbed The Battle Of Eternity. so which side will you shoose? to join the Righteous Celtics or the Spiteful Zarani. Your choice could very well tip the scales in either faction's favor. so choose wisely.

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