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    There once was a princess named Miko ,she was a lionbird a pretty one in fact longing for a mate.
    She lived in a castle with guards and servants ,she lived in the top tower where the servants treated her like heaven.Though she was the princess ,and males were around her every minute,she wanted more than that she wanted bravery and strength
    The Castle of the Cains :
    A lionbird story Fairytale%20castle4a

    One night a ambush accured and the princess was locked in her room,just in time .Or so they thought ,a evil warrior had snuck in he was determined to kill her and be rewarded .he lifted his sword and took it around her neck"any last words"he said as she was in shock.Just then a
    lionbird warrior swooped in ,and grew his talons he nailed them into the warrior's side and flew him to the brick wall.They fought but at the end the evil warrior lost ,he was killed and never rewared.

    The lionbird warrior walked to the princess"hello my princess,i am Zorro warrior for the king",
    the princess Miko nodded and siad "well hello,and thank you for saving my life,you are very brave".
    He grined"i am a warrior and i am to serve the king ,till death .Which i must be getting on back to the war"he bowed and flew away ,back to the war.Miko sat on her bed hoping he would return or at least live ,and he did they had won the battle .Miko soon married the warrior and he became king,they were both happy but longed for something more .Miko thought long and hard and finally decided it was time to start a family .Miko soon became pregnant and was due soon,but things were not good a war had began and they were short on warriors.Zorro decided to go into the battle for they were short of battlers ,Miko was very supportive even though she did not like the idea.

    The war continued for months and the day the king(Zorro) had died they won ,Miko recieved the news the day before her babys were born .She had to find a king quickly and she did but his
    true life was evil ,but Miko did not know at the time.His name was Azur,the kids Mario ,Lucario and Cario would play with him all day long till he started teaching evil.Mario and Cario didnt listen but Lucario found it enetresting and soon became addicted to evil ,he wanted to be evil and slave people.As Mario and Cario ,even Lucario grew Azur was suspected evil by the Council ,he denied it but it was true .Mario stood up to the council "he is evil i have heard him teach us ,and talk about his evilness"he told the councel.they beleived him and decided to ban Azur from the throne.

    Azur didnt like their decision and planned to kill Miko ,he snuck in her room and pulled a knife with his beak ,he whispered this to her"love your dear king"and stuck it in her heart .She said one word before dying and it was"Zorro"for she was loved by him,and not Azur.
    Azur was found and prosecuted the next day,Lucario upset and mad thinking it was his mothers doing .

    Since there had to be a king the council had to choose if Lucario,Mario,or Cario would be the king.
    Lucario was postive that he would be the new king for he was the oldest,and as he thought he was
    the wisest ,strongest ,bravest for which he wasnt.The council decided Mario would be the king as they had trusted him for his truth.Lucario was so mad he decided to leave and plan revenge ,so he kidnapped Cario and took him on the dark lands .He searched for evil warriors and started an army .

    He had the army of banned ,cursed,and murders build him a castle of evil .
    The Castle of The Shamrock:

    A lionbird story Castle

    After a year of planning Lucario was ready to began his revenge,he walked to the dungeon
    and talked to his brother"i am going to win using you as bait"he laughed evily,as Cario couldnt answer.Mario had recievd a warning and started to collect more warriors ,but before they had time
    to collect more warriors ,they were attacked.Mario just wanted his brother back but he really wanted both back ,he loved his brothers but wasnt going to let his kingdom die to save a murderer.
    Lucario sat a an edge of a cliff ,while Mario sat on the top tower watching each other, when Mario saw Cario he immeditaly flew towards him and Lucario .Lucario stood strong unlike his brother Cario who was weak and frail because of the way they had treated him,Mario landed on Lucario's perch and hissed"Give him back,you murderer"and he lookedat Cario and then back at Lucario.
    Lucario pulled on Cario's chains and he fell to the ground moaning,lucario spoke and said"oh dear brother ,you have been in wars and killed people before and no one has accused you as a murderer"he laughed and struck Mario with his strong eagle beak drawing blood.

    As Mario struck back ,he pulled his talons knowing he would have to kill his brother ,he pulled them out and tried to strike his brother but missed Lucario backed up and spoke"brother you have failed give up or i shall kill Cario"he said strongly.Mario-"you wouldnt hes your own flesh and blood"he firmly,Lucario-"i will"and lifted Cario off his feet and pulled out his talons "ready?"he said laughing.
    Mario quickly gave in and surrendered for he loved his brother,but Lucario was still gonna kill them both ,he laughed and started to strike Mario but Cario struck him in the heart area .Lucario started fading and dropped Cario ,Mario helped his brother out of chains and flew home quickly to declare his winning.

    The next day Mario held a party for Cario's return and as the story goes he found a loved one and so did Mario .Must mean that a story never really ends ,and Good wins over bad .

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~The End~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    The Main Characters :
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    A lionbird story 9c75faf1

    By Nightsky

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