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    Render A Child From a Forbidden Love


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    Render A Child From a Forbidden Love Empty Render A Child From a Forbidden Love

    Post  Sammy on Sat Jan 17, 2009 1:20 am

    A Forbidden Love Was Created between A Winged wolf and A Nature Dragon Left for No One To Know they Let their love Blossom After A Year they Had Found out that The Wolf Was Pregnant, they Were Scared For Each other For It was Forbidden the wolf hide From All her Family and Friends All thought She was Dead.

    Soon Under a Eclipse The Baby was Born She Refused to leave him alone against her lover’s Wish’s She Told him They would raise him till he was able to fend For himself. He Disagreed and Killed his Lover He Flew to A Land of Dark Where he hoped that The Bird’s Would Finish him off.

    Many year’s Later After Killing most f the Bird’s to Survive He lived Ina Lush Forrest Filled with Life Still no One Knew he was their, When he Finally Came Out and Decided To Find Other’s Like him. Soon he Found Dragon’s And Though he resembled Them And tried To live among Them only to Find he Was A Disgrace and Turned away With Scar’s From the leader to Let All know He was banished From All Dragon Land’s.

    After a year Of healing and Sadness He Decided it Was time to find other’s yet Again. He Traveled For Many Day’s Under the Moon For he thought that as Comfort. He came Across Another type Of animal they recognized Him also As A Disgrace And Again the lead Male Scared him To Let All Know He was Banished From All Wolf Land’s.

    He Flew For Another many day’s hoping to find empty land’s to live out the rest of his life in loneliness With out love. Till he came Across A Land Of All Creature’s and Decided he was going to make this home.

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