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    Tough Lady's Wyndian Birth


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    Tough Lady's Wyndian Birth Empty Tough Lady's Wyndian Birth

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    Tough Lady was born alone, in a Dense Forest called Wyndian, where no life was. Her mother, Lady Vytin, died after giving Tough Lady her name. Gor Tough,her father, banished Vytin after she disobeyed him. When Tough Lady relized her mother was dead, she ran away, frightened. She traveled through Wyndian, looking for life. She met a young horse named Gorin, who led her to the end of Wyndian. She and Gorin then fell in Love, but he died later before they could have any foals, for Tough Lady was too young. Tough now looks for a place to leave, but she looks forward to living with the Celtics.

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