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    Midnight's History

    Post  Starrysky on Sat Jan 24, 2009 2:37 am

    Midnight Eclipse: She was born early, so perhaps that is why she turned so evil. Maybe not. She was brought up loving the happiness of others and she broke many hearts of stallions prusuing her to be her mate. She was always close to her family, one of the rare showings of compassion. Then her family died when she was 2. She turned completely evil, vowing she would never let her heart be stolen again unless it was THE horse. the stallion of her dreams, the one she had not found when she was younger. The one her heart would always warm towards. the herd she lived in swore her heart froze and went black. She turned arrogant, cold, evil,aggresive,lashing out at anyone who made her mad. How could this be the sweet loving foal they once new. People tried to get close to her and were rarly seen again. She devotes herself to the ways of Mink, the only one she thought was worthwhile. Besides the stallion she might find one day. Who will warm her heart a little bit, who will feel the warmth she used to spread wherever she walked, who will charm her? Who will be her one true love?

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