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    the wolf pack grows


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    the wolf pack grows

    Post  Admin on Wed Dec 24, 2008 12:10 pm

    Name: Pele (pay - lay)
    Age: 300
    Breed: fire wolf
    Alliance: neutral
    coat color: red
    Gender: female
    Markings: a double diamond on forehead
    Personality: pele is sassy and has a fiery temper. dont anger her. she controls all things that have to do with fire and warmth

    Name: poseidon
    Age: 300
    Breed: water wolf
    Alliance: Neutral
    Coat color: blue and gray
    Gender: male
    Markings: none
    Personality: he is calm and kind but when you anger him, just like the sea, he can have a mighty temper. he controls all things that include water

    Name: Zem
    Age: 300
    Breed: earth wolf
    Alliance: neutral
    Coat color:green and gray
    Gender: Male
    Markings: leaf markings on face and hip
    Personality: he is wise, calm, thoughtful and quiet. just like the earth. he has never been known to get angry, EVER. he controls all things that have to do with earth

    Name: Anu
    Age: 300
    Breed: air wolf
    Alliance: neutral
    Coat color: a hazy brown
    Gender: female
    Markings:none, just feathers pinned behind her earand rump
    Personality: she is flowing and feirce. she is quite random and you will never know what she is going to do, like the wind. she controls everything that has to do with air and wind

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