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    Goldenstar's Bio



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    Goldenstar's Bio

    Post  Jobomba on Fri Dec 26, 2008 10:28 pm

    Name: Goldenstar
    Age: 5
    Allieance: Celtic
    Breed: Pegasus with a horn
    Gender: Female
    Coat Color: Pure white.
    Mane, Tail, and Wing+Hoof color: All Gold, and weirdly has a horn which is also gold!
    Weakness: Is weak if you are sweet and kind to her.
    Personality: Shy and Timid, but doesn't mind saying what she thinks; is a GREAT flyer, can fly up to speeds of 80mph., and can run of up to speeds of 60mph. has alot of speed but little strength, Soo you will often find her trying to build up her strength! She is very sensitive and DOES NOT like people going infront of her!!!

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