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    Post  Jobomba on Fri Dec 26, 2008 10:38 pm

    It was my first flying lesson, my parents were watching, and I look down and don't see them there; I go lower and lower down to the ground to find them and finally see them and my herd... DEAD! I saw two animals over them, I couldn't quite tell what they were but they looked like dogs but bigger, SOO I awsumed they were wolves and flew away sad and MAD!!! Because of this tragedy I am Neutral, not knowing who's side to go to! I walk everyday thinking how to kill those wolves; I will forever hate wolves! A year or SOO later I am flying low to the ground, and this wolf lunges for my leg and grabs it! Not wanting to become dinner I buck, and stick my horn towards its head and lunge my head forward; I kill the wolf and shake it off my horn. I land next to a nearby lake and rest until I get healed!!!

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