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    Kapo's bio


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    Kapo's bio

    Post  littlesky on Sun Dec 28, 2008 12:09 pm

    Name: Kapo
    Breed: freisian unicorn
    Age: 4000
    Gender: female
    Alliance: Zarani
    color: black
    Markings: dark gray zebra stripes along her back, u can barely see them
    Personality: she is mink's best friend ever and they were separated during the war when the earth tremor happened. she just found her way back to the zanari and is planning to pay mink a visit. sassy, spiteful, she wont think twice about ripping your head off and she is just plain mean! mink turned her immortal before the war and she was her second in command. she, like mink, has to drink the blood of a mortal creature to maintain a healthy life. when meeting someone new she is very suspicious and is constantly on guard. she is unbeatable on the battlefield and no one could stop her even when she was mortal. she is the duplicate of mink in a black freisian unicorn's body lol

    Kapos Minion AFTER first battle:


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    Re: Kapo's bio

    Post  Admin on Sun Dec 28, 2008 12:12 pm

    i, Admin, hereby approve of littlesky1109's friendship with mink and immortality.**

    (she is my friend in real life and she ROCKS!!.... so u better be nice to her!! lol jk jk u can beat her up Very Happy)

    (P.S. okay, i was just kidding about the beating her upthing. i dont want my site to be shut down for verbal abuse lol Very Happy)

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