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    Wolf Sisters Luna + Cana


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    Wolf Sisters Luna + Cana

    Post  littlesky on Sun Dec 28, 2008 1:05 pm

    Name: Luna
    Age: 268
    Breed: dire winged wolf
    Alliance: neutral
    color: Orange,White and Some red
    Markings: Red markings on Shoulder + Head
    Personality: really flirty and bold. she is strong willed and very stubborn. she loves to party and really doesnt care what anyone thinks cuz she is herself through and through. if u want to be her friend then awesome lets party but if not then whatever i can party with myself! if u mess with my friends u can go suck a friggin cactus and BACK OFF! i am the definition of myself yo! so go look me up in a dictionary :/

    Color:Black and white
    Breed:Magic Wolf
    Markings: On Shoulder
    Personality: she is very shy and unconfrontational. if somthing bothers her she lets her sister, luna kno and she leaves it at that. when she meets someone new she is quiet and conservative. preferring to let her sister do the talking. even though her quiet and apprehensive state may seem creepy or odd to others she is really hoping someone will try to scratch beneath the surface and see who she really is. she is a fierce fighter when needed and is usually the one to calm her sister down with soft murmurings in her ear. she is very intelligent and is someone that will listen to your problems and help sort them out. she is by far one of the most optimistic creatures in all of azrai and she hopes that she will be able to have more friends than just her crazy bold sister

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