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    Luna, a winged wolf, needs a Male Mate


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    Luna, a winged wolf, needs a Male Mate

    Post  littlesky on Sun Dec 28, 2008 1:13 pm

    i walk lightly on the lovely terra and throw my head back and howl. it is night and the lady moon is full. it shines off of my silky coatw. my eyes sweep the landscape, scouring it for any signs of life. i sigh and lay down ' oh this is sucky' i think to myself ' i wanted to ditch my old island and travel here to find a better life....yea right. i could be partying at the biggest bash of the year right now.... ugh' i roll my eyes at myself and snort "whatever" i murmur. i put my head down on my paws and prepare for a wait. Sad

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