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    the zanari warriors arrive


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    the zanari warriors arrive

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    i arrive at the castle with the surviving followers of mink. the nameless warriors follow me into the castle as i walk into the war room like it was any other day instead of a hundred years later. the warriors got settled in their usuall barracks and i moved to my room which was adjoining the barracks by a push open door. i smiled when i saw that my stable bedding had been recently changed and it was fresh and soft. mink had been waiting for my return. i yawned and decided i would announce my arrival tomorrow or at least after a nap. i mean i had been travelling miles upon miles over the last hundred years, looking for any zanari followers that might still be allive after the great clash. i yawned again and lay down on the soft straw and feathers of my stall. i sighed at the comfort that seeped into my bones. i smiled as i closed my eyes and fell asleep

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