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    The celtic warriors arrive


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    The celtic warriors arrive

    Post  Admin on Sun Dec 28, 2008 4:07 pm

    the leader

    Leader of the military:
    we arrive at the crystal cave and i call out for Bear in my deep voice. no one answered so i shrugged and thought he must be out . i led the way to my quarters and showed the honored soldiers their rooms. when i got back to my sleeping room i was bone tired and i almost collapsed from exhaustion. i walked over to my soft and welcoming bed with wobbly legs and fell onto it with a thud, thankful for its padded embrace. i decided i would wait until bear got back to fall asleep. but laying there with my body screaming at me ' i am tired!! close your friggin eyes!!' i could not resist. my eye lids drooped and closed against my will. i tried to fight back but sleep had already grabbed me and was dragging me back into the recesses of comfort and peace. i sighed and let the darkness engulf me.

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