Will You Survive In A World Ravaged By War? I Guess We Will Find Out

    Rules. must read



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    Rules. must read

    Post  Admin on Sun Dec 21, 2008 3:15 pm

    Basic Rules:
    ~~ you HAVE to make a bio before you play the character. otherwise the whole game goes out of whack
    ~~No Swearing
    ~~ You may say 'hell' but that is the only swear word we are allowed to say
    ~~No Godmodding
    ~~No Powerplaying
    ~~be nice to other players when in OOC (out of character)
    ~~obey the admin and moderators

    Breeding Rules:
    ~~Force breeding is allowed.
    ~~NO Graphic or long breeding whatsoever. it will not be tolerated and your account will be terminated
    ~~fade in and out when breeding
    ~~the female can give birth right after breeding. and can breed whenever they want there after
    ~~cannot breed for pleasure

    Female Rules:
    ~~Females Can Fight
    ~~females cant breed until 3 years old
    ~~females can kill their children
    ~~females can claim land
    ~~can refuse a male
    ~~can own a slave
    ~~females can adopt

    Male Rules:
    ~~males can fight
    ~~cant breed until 3 years old
    ~~can claim land
    ~~can kill their offspring
    ~~can own a slave
    ~~males can adopt

    Fantasy rules:
    ~~ if you want your fantasy creature to have immortality bear or mink has to bless u
    ~~the male rules and the female rules apply to you too Smile

    Time Rules:
    (im not very strict on these)
    ~~one day is one week
    ~~one week is one month
    ~~one month is one year
    ~~ and so on Very Happy

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