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    Breaking Dawn


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    Breaking Dawn

    Post  Starrysky on Sat Jan 24, 2009 2:48 am

    Breaking Dawn: the sister of Midnight Eclipse she may be, but she is rarely ever known to be anything like her. She was born as warm and beautiful as her sister. She spread the warmth of everyone making her presence be known everywhere. She was pruseued as well but let the colts down gently saying: maybe some day. She was just as heartbroken when her loved parents died. This part of her life though is when she learned about herself more than anything. She craved the warmth of the herd. No horse could belive she was had been closely intertwined with her sister. She grew to be more beautiful than her sister. So beautiful all stallions look at her when she enters an area and wish to breed her. She is choosey. Will you win her heart?

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