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    The first Hippogryph's


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    The first Hippogryph's

    Post  littlesky on Mon Dec 29, 2008 2:47 am

    Name: Dark Knight
    Breed:Lizard Hippogryph
    Color:Red +Green
    Markings:Big Patches of Red on the green +Yellow eyes.
    Personality:likes to kickback and relaxe at his cave and have to not watch his little sister Thunder Heart.
    If you mess with him he'll turn you into dog food!

    Name: Thunder Heart
    Breed:Tiger Hippogryph
    Color: Orange +black+White and brown
    Markings: White Bunny like ears, Tiger Markings on her Body, White head area,Brown Legs and brown + black wings.
    Personality:Hates being with Knight(knight short for Dark Knight.)Always wants to be with her mom witch left her with her brother and her dad died in war a couple years ago.Shes sweet cant hurt a fly type personality but when it comes to war shes a totally diffrent Hippogryph.

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